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Wondering if your system can handle our digital viewing portal? Unsure of how our ticketing system works? We recognize that the switch to new technology can make you feel uneasy with the unfamiliarity. That's why we've made this quick-and-easy test screening exercise for you to see how our ticketing (powered by Elevent) works and how you can access the viewing portal (powered by CineSend).

Click on the red BUY TICKET button to the right. A new window, powered by Elevent, will pop up over the site. Follow the on-screen directions.

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Don’t worry, you won’t be charged – tickets to this Test The Fest exercise are free!

When you finish checking out of your shopping cart, Elevent will take you to this screen:

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Because this screening is available right now, there is a blue “View” button. This is what will happen when you buy tickets to a screening after the festival has begun. → SKIP TO STEP 5

If you are buying in advance, you will see an indication of when the screening will be available instead of a “View” button. → GO TO STEP 3

Okay, so let’s imagine you bought a ticket in advance. You’ve checked out and gotten Elevent’s “Order Complete” screen with no view button, but an indication of when your screening will become available.

An hour before the films become available, you will receive a “Virtual Access” email from Elevent in your inbox. Look for the words “Virtual Access” in the subject header:

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You will receive a separate email for every film you buy access to.

When you open the virtual access email, you will see a big blue button in the center of the page:

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Click on the link to be taken to our viewing portal, powered by CineSend.

You will be taken to Reel Asian’s viewing portal, powered by CineSend. The link takes you right to the film’s play page:

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Click the play button, sit back, relax, and enjoy the screening!

3 Nov, 2020 10:00 am

to 19 Nov, 2020 11:59 pm




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