Canada202183 minutesEnglish, Cantonese with English Subtitles Canadian PremiereDrama, Experimental

The Class of 2019 at Cawthra Park Secondary School is gearing up for their senior year. Teen angst fills the hallways. Nervous students convene in classrooms. Hopeful romantics ask each other out for prom. Amidst these moments of self-discovery, friends Ethan and Justin set out to shoot a film under the pretense of being a yearbook project, recording pivotal moments and character portraits during this tumultuous stage of adolescence. No one at Cawthra Park seems to be prepared for what will come next in their rebellious filmmaking adventure.

Ethan Eng’s debut feature film Therapy Dogs is an introspective look at the director’s coming-of-age in senior year. Combining elements from documentary, fiction, and experimental styles, Therapy Dogs navigates the quintessential Mississauga high school experience with evocative imagery and rhythmic sequences, offering an intensely rich window into Eng’s craft, interpersonal relationships, and his exploration of the near-universal rite of passage: the last year of high school.

– Nicolas Uribe


Justin Morrice
Ethan Eng
Kevin Tseng
Kyle Peacock



AGBO Fellowship, Slamdance, 2022

Director Bio

Ethan Eng

Ethan Eng is the Toronto filmmaker behind Therapy Dogs, a movie shot secretly during his last year of high school in 2019. It had its world premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival, making him the youngest director to ever compete, and earned him the ABGO fellowship, presented by the Russo Brothers.

12 Nov, 2022 8:00 pm

The premiere for Therapy Dogs will be shown at TIFF Bell Lightbox 3.

This feature film will also be shown as an online screening from Nov 14 – Nov 20.



Rated PG

Content Warning: Sexist language and situations, coarse language, smoking and drinking, drug use


This film is presented with open English subtitles in-person and closed English subtitles digitally.


Join us for a Q&A immediately after the theatrical presentation with director Ethan Eng.

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