Words and Worlds: Mapping Digital Language


What does digital justice mean to people who lack digital access? This conversation is centred around questions of exclusion in digital spaces, inviting emerging thinkers, artists and community cultural workers to consider digital futures for those without access to the city arts landscape, and by extension, digital opportunities.

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About Reel Ideas

The Reel Ideas Symposium - On World-Building responds to a growing momentum of digitization initiatives and strategies through dialogue with artists, community organizers and industry professionals. These sessions gather visions of radical world-building that mobilize, engage and strengthen creative communities, to usher in better presents and futures.

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Atif Khan • Researcher and Curator

Atif Khan is an emerging writer and artist exploring text, image and curatorial practice. Their research-driven practice intersects key themes of war, surveillance, death and visual studies. Broadly, the work thinks through how the word “violence” is assembled and given power in the material world by connecting objects, language, words, meaning and a specific set of archives. Khan’s broader research investigates the use of militarized drones across the United States, Somalia, Afghanistan & Pakistan.


Madiha Tahir • Journalist and Filmmaker

Madiha Tahir is a postdoctoral scholar researching transnational militarisms, drone warfare, and surveillance. She is currently conducting a project on militarism and political violence at Columbia University’s Brown Institute for Media Innovation. She is a former journalist, a documentary filmmaker (Wounds of Waziristan), and the co-founder of Tanqeed, a bilingual zine of politics & culture. Tahir is also the co-editor of a book of critical essays, Dispatches from Pakistan.

Nasra Mohamed • Youth Community Advocate

Nasra Mohamed is a resident of the Jane Finch Community. She recently graduated from York University’s Urban Studies and Sociology program and takes interest in challenging Urban issues that impact low-income racialized communities such as over-policing, transit-oriented gentrification and housing.

mashal khan • Multimedia Artist

mashal khan is a multi-media artist who was born in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and along with her family immigrated to Turtle Island in 2002. mashal graduated from the University of Toronto with a hon. bachelor’s of arts in equity studies, sociology and art. she values freedom, justice and equity. within her work she hopes to subvert the white and/or male gaze that has often spoken on behalf of marginalized women of colour.

19 Nov, 2020 4:00 pm

to 5:30 pm


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