Unsung Voices: Youth Video Production Workshop

The Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival’s UNSUNG VOICES Summer Youth Video Production Workshop will provide young Asian Canadians who have a keen interest in film and media art the chance to express themselves as artists, learn from professionals in the field, and to produce a distinctly Asian Canadian story on screen.

A select group of youth will be provided an opportunity to produce and present their film (8 mins maximum), in any genre (eg. fiction, documentary, experimental, interactive, etc). The entire collection of films will receive a world premiere at the 24th Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival in November 2020.


2020 Program Description
  • This program is tuition free and there are no fees* required to apply
  • Participants must be between ages 18–29 and self-identify as Asian
  • Honourarium will be provided to participants
  • Workshops and learning sessions will be conducted online in the summer of 2020 (see timeline and more below)
  • Participants will learn and experiment with skills to complete a video production:
      • Creative (ideation, experimentation, and critical thinking skills about filmmaking & arts practice)
      • Technical (writing, visual storytelling, image creation, non-linear digital editing)
      • Project Management (planning for and executing production, collaboration)

* While there are no fees to apply and be part of the program, depending on the nature of your project you may have to contribute to costs associated with your production (ex. props, talent, etc.)

With a nod to screenplay parlance, the program’s theme this year will be “INTERIOR”. “Interior” means so much more than we could have thought just even at the beginning of 2020. But it’s not just a place, interiority reveals character, thoughts, feelings, where we can express aspects of our experience.


Expectations and Eligibility

We are looking for self-motivated, resourceful, and open-minded individuals who are willing to go on a (virtual) summer trip with us together. Filmmaking is hard, making art is a privilege, especially now and under these circumstances. Creativity is key as we will be making work to be presented and engaged in a virtual space.

Participants should expect two online sessions per week (approx 6-8 hrs/week) for the duration of the program as well as additional and necessary time to work on and complete their project.

UV is open to Asian-identifying young people (age 18-29) from anywhere in Canada.  Self-identify as more than Asian? Great! Please apply. If you need assistance with your application or are experiencing barriers to applying, please contact aram@reelasian.com

Selected participants’ projects will be premiered at the Reel Asian Film Festival in November 2020 as part of a final presentation and discussion.

Attendance at online program sessions and final presentation are mandatory

2020 Program Timeline*

All sessions are mandatory:

  • June 12 (7:30PM EDT): Online Zoominar Info Session – click below to watch if you missed it!
  • June 21 (by midnight): Deadline for applications. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email for follow-up interview
  • July 6 – July 30: Writing & Pre-production (2 sessions per week)
  • August 3 – September 6: Production & Post-production Period (2 sessions per week)
  • Additional and necessary time to work on and complete their project.

*Specific dates TBA. Timeline subject to change.

For questions or additional support please contact aram@reelasian.com

Applications are now closed.

Due to COVID-19, Unsung Voices 2020 will be conducted through online sessions and all participants’ productions must adhere to public health guidelines. Because of the changing nature of such guidelines, traditional filmmaking practices are nearly impossible. Unsung Voices will refocus to find new ways of storytelling than we have in the past. Though this is a new model for the program we believe that this is a unique opportunity to continue to tell stories in this new world.

Supported by:
Ontario Arts Council
2020 Unsung Voices 9 Info Session
Unsung Voices 2018

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