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Introducing the 2023 Festival Creative Artist

18 Oct, 2023

As we approach the 27th edition of the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, running from November 8–19, 2023, we’re excited to introduce this year’s Festival Creative Artist, Ben Luu!

In our commitment to uplift and showcase Asian Canadian voices, stories, creativity, and art, we’ve commissioned a talented local artist to craft the visual identity for our 27th year. Read more about Ben and see his full animation, Flower Pot before every screening at this year’s festival!

Ben Luu

Ben Luu is a graphic designer and artist based out of Tkaronto/Toronto. He is interested in image-making, type design, editorial design, and the intersection of design and dance. His practice encompasses illustration, design, writing, and dance, touching upon topics of wellness, queer identity, technology, and the environment.

Artist Statement

I use flowers in my personal work to symbolize beauty, life, queerness, and celebration. Here, the stylized flowers are a take on the flower motif found in traditional ceramics. In ceramics, stylistic influences, motifs, and natural resources travel between cultures and people, amalgamating human histories—not unlike filmmaking.

There is a lot of uncertainty in a world that is ever automating, attempting to fade artists into obscurity for profit, and I feel that now it is most important to celebrate these practices, like ceramics or filmmaking, where the craft intrinsically captures the human spirit.

Process Work

Animation Music Credit

aaronraays aka RAAYS is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound architect, always approaching music through a lens of curiosity. It’s from this intuitive sense of wonder he synthesizes earthly fragments with cosmic soundscapes, reflecting it all back as shimmering ambient, experimental jazz and radiant left-field electronic beat music.

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