For the past 10 years, Reel Asian has created many education initiatives with the goal of providing the necessary skills and knowledge to Asian Canadian youth to explore career opportunities in the media arts. Since 2008, we created programs such as our Asian Heritage Month School Tour, our Unsung Voices Summer Video Production Workshop, and most recently, Wee Asianfor young children to attend our festival.

Reel Asian is a registered non-profit and a charitable and cultural organization. Our vision is to champion the future of diverse storytelling in Canada by advocating Asian representation in the media arts. Every year, Reel Asian supports over 1300 youths in the GTA by providing access to Asian cinema from around the world and increasing their media literacy.

To directly support our youth and educational efforts, contribute in several ways to our new Flashforward Spring Fundraising Drive, or make a direct donation to our Generasian Now youth fund.

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Asian Heritage Month School Tour

During Asian Heritage Month, Reel Asian provides in-school presentation programs, Career in the Arts, where selected Asian Canadian filmmakers will present their works, and also speak about a variety of social issues and filmmaking approaches such as documentary, drama, and animation.

Link to Asian Heritage Month School Tour

Festival Youth Programme

Reel Asian’s Festival Youth Programme is comprised of a selection of films and videos about diverse Asian cultures and social issues by young directors from Canada and around the world.

Link to Festival Youth Programme
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