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The 2021 So You Think You Can Pitch Finalists Share Their Insight

20 Jul, 2022

Nedda Sarshar
So You Think You Can Pitch Winner

IG: nedsjan

“I did not know what to expect going into the finalist process of Reel Asian’s “So You Think You Can Pitch?” process. But even if I had known to anticipate the incredible mentorship, support, guidance and community that came with it — I would have still never guessed the extent that Reel Asian is prepared to foster emerging talent and Asian stories.

Although this is a pitch competition, the coordinators were quick to help us all connect with each other — a cohort member and I regularly met up beforehand and practiced with each other in preparation for the pitch, another person even gave me their coffee at one point! The conversation amongst the cohort was stellar — we discussed how representation is sometimes not enough, there also needs to be a commitment to telling authentic storytelling. And our pitch mentors helped us find our voice, and also figure out how to tell our story to a predominantly non-white audience.

The application and pitch itself allowed me to think about my film in a producer’s light — take into account filming days, budget, etc — and this helped me enormously in securing Canada Arts Council funding as well.

When the pitch competition itself was over the first thought I had was that I would do whatever I could to help make sure that the other stories in my cohort were made and told. It has been an honour being part of this process, and I am beyond grateful for every step of it.”

Anubhav Singh

IG: anubhav.mov

“Ask any film industry veteran and they will tell you one of the key skills required to bring your ideas to fruition is the ability to pitch them effectively. Reel Asian’s Pitch competition has been a quintessential learning experience for an emerging filmmaker like myself to get familiarized with this important process.

From the very beginning to the end of the competition I felt so much supported by the Reel Asian Team since I was offered a safe space to practice my pitch, given wonderful notes by experienced mentors, learned tremendously from the fellow pitch finalists and experienced all of this while having fun at the same time!”

Alice Wang

IG: isitalicewang

“I had a wonderful time being part of So You Think You Can Pitch last year! Pitching is always a stressful experience for me but something I knew I needed to practice and get better at. The pitch competition was a great opportunity for me to do so. We were given a safe space to practice, share ideas, and connect with each other. The pitch event itself also had such a supportive environment, which really helped mitigate my anxieties around public speaking and pitching.

Having access to the festival was also a great experience, and I learned a lot from the Bootcamps and clinics. Especially during covid, I really appreciated the community aspect of Reel Asian, and being able to meet and chat with my cohort members. I’m very grateful to have been part of the pitch and to have learned from our mentors and my cohort!”

Helmann Wilhelm

IG: cantedpictures

“The Reel Asian Pitch Competition helped give me the necessary tools to prepare my pitch and connect with industry professionals. It also provided me the opportunity to meet other creatives, share experiences, and learn from others on what it takes to give a successful pitch that is authentic to your voice. From what I’ve come to learn, you will always be pitching something, whether it’s your next project or an idea in the writers’ room, and I cannot think of a better place to start your career than at the Reel Asian Film Festival.”

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