Shorts Presentation: UNSUNG VOICES 12

Canada2023TRT: 50 minEnglish, Kurdish, VietnameseWorld PremiereComedy, Directed By Women, Documentary, Drama, Experimental, Family-friendly, History, Romance, Science Fiction

Six fearless emerging filmmakers embarked on a summer-long filmmaking journey online. We’re proud to present their world premiere here in the 12th edition of Reel Asian’s filmmaking program.

*Directors in attendance starred. 

Directors Bio


*Ashna Ali Profile Image

Canada20237 minEnglish, KurdishWorld PremiereDirected By Women, Drama

Two sisters who have chosen different paths are reunited while preparing for a wedding, forcing them to face their differences, whether they are ready or not.

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Director Bio

*Ashna Ali

Ashna Ali is a Kurdish Canadian artist, multimedia designer, and activist. She is a co-founder of Anti-Heroine Media, where she foregrounds feminist representation and ethical approaches to storytelling for social change.

Dừa (Coconut)

*Carthy Ngo Profile Image

Canada20238 minVietnamese, English with English subtitlesWorld PremiereDirected By Women, Drama, Family-friendly

A tender short film about a daughter who attempts to chop a coconut for her dying father.

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Director Bio

*Carthy Ngo

Carthy Ngo is a Vietnamese Chinese Canadian from Southern Ontario who is exploring filmmaking for the first time while working as a speech-language pathologist by day. She is inspired by the stories of love and loss that she has come across through her work and in life, and hopes to provide comfort with her art.


*Kevin Matthew Wong Profile Image

Canada202312 minEnglishWorld PremiereDocumentary, Experimental, History

In this charming and meditative documentary, Jackie, Nora and Gayle are three Hakka Chinese women from Victoria, B.C. who unite to save Canada's oldest Chinese temple from crumbling. Along the way, the women explain the challenges of maintaining the temple and its significance as a cultural and community hub.

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Director Bio

*Kevin Matthew Wong

Kevin Matthew Wong is a Hakka Chinese Canadian theatre creator, producer, performer, projection designer, and emerging filmmaker whose work blends documentary media with personal and conversational storytelling.

Camera Head

*Melvin Daligdig Profile Image

Canada20238 minEnglishWorld PremiereHorror, Science Fiction

After a coven of witches is discovered in the mountains, the government conducts an experiment attempting to mix magic and technology. However when radio contact is lost, a team of soldiers is sent to investigate the abandoned laboratory—only to find it isn’t so abandoned after all.

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Director Bio

*Melvin Daligdig

Melvin Daligdig is a Filipino filmmaker based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. While action films are Melvin’s go to genre, he has recently enjoyed dabbling in comedy and horror as well. He hopes to one day be able to make films full time and meet some awesome people along the way.


*Satrio Prahasto Profile Image

Canada20239 minEnglishWorld PremiereDrama, Family-friendly, Romance

Andrew and Nina reunite when Andrew moves into a new place in the city. As the day passes, they mould the empty apartment into a home, awakening dormant feelings from their past.

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Director Bio

*Satrio Prahasto

Satrio Prahasto is an emerging filmmaker based in Toronto. Prahasto is interested in how East and Southeast Asian cinema influence can not only inform but also shape how we tell our respective diasporic stories in a North American setting.

The Official Guidebook To Lying

*Corinne Langmuir Profile Image

Canada202312 minEnglishWorld PremiereComedy, Drama

A lifetime of abusing his natural talent for making up stories has led an arrogant serial liar to quit his deceiving ways forever. As a final hurrah, this scrappy university student shares an epic 11-minute masterclass on how to execute the perfect lie.

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Director Bio

*Corinne Langmuir

Corinne Langmuir is a Taiwanese Canadian writer, filmmaker, and student. With a strong passion for the arts, Langmuir’s interest in media has become a vehicle for her creative expression. She is fascinated by the various forms that storytelling can take—whether through literature, film, or internet culture commentary.



11 Nov, 2023 2:30 pm

TIFF Bell Lightbox C3


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