Unsung Voices 10

Canada2021English and various languages with English SubtitlesWorld PremiereDrama, Experimental, Women Filmmakers

Four fearless emerging filmmakers embarked on a summer-long filmmaking journey online. We’re proud to present their world premiere here, in the landmark 10th edition of Reel Asian’s filmmaking program.


Ganesh Thava Profile Image

Canada2021 11 minEnglish World PremiereDrama, Family

The echoes of grief linger decades after in a South Asian family that didn’t—couldn’t—get around to talking about it.


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Director Bio

Ganesh Thava

Ganesh Thava is a Tamil Canadian writer, director, and actor working in film, TV, and theatre. He takes mundane everyday stories like family feuds or love affairs and shows them through a BIPOC and LGBTQ+ lens.


Harman Kang Profile Image

Canada20218 minEnglish, Punjabi with English subtitlesWorld PremiereWomen Filmmakers

Driving in a rural Albertan neighbourhood, a young woman is stopped by a middle-aged Punjabi woman standing on the side of the road; things take a turn for the uncanny, as the young woman is presented with a choice that will change the course of her life.


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Director Bio

Harman Kang

Harman Kang‘s passion for writing was spurred by a desire to entertain herself and her friends, and a lifelong attitude of “I can do that.” Currently based in Edmonton and working in the non-profit sector, Chakar is Kang’s debut short film.



James Legaspi Profile Image

Canada20217 minEnglish World PremiereExperimental, Non-binary Filmmakers

watering is a semi-autobiographical short film through which the filmmaker reflects on the passing of their childhood dog, and how it continues to inform their navigation of daily life.



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Director Bio

James Legaspi

James Legaspi is an emerging Filipino Canadian multimedia artist living and working in Brampton, Ont.


Weeda Azim Profile Image

Canada20217 min English, Farsi with English subtitles World PremiereDrama, Women Filmmakers

Eager for an escape from family, Safiya moves out to a sublet of an acquaintance, Ahu. Her new place is peaceful, but she soon comes across a journal with entries that take her on a reflective journey—Ahu’s journal.


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Director Bio

Weeda Azim

Weeda Azim is an Afghan Canadian writer and filmmaker based in Toronto. Her ultimate goal is to embrace chaos and failure in her work, to create in order to understand herself, and to meet like-minded individuals along the way.

10 Nov, 2021

to 19 Nov, 2021





Live online Q&A with special guests

Join us in conversation with directors and special guests in attendance! ASL interpretation will be made available thanks to Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Services. Ticket holders can watch on the CineSend Reel Asian portal.

November 13, 2020 at 8PM

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