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Free programming dedicated to sparking joy, creativity, and fun for little ones and families to enjoy together. Short film selection includes winner of Air Canada Short Film or Video Award, Reel Asian 2020 ISLE OF CHAIR.

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Party by Moe Pramanick
Awards by Moe Pramanick


Now available on Reel Asian’s YouTube channel

Get your creativity on with these pre-recorded short and sweet arts activities led by our line-up of local artists!
All selections are made accessible with closed captions. Click on YouTube’s “CC” icon to turn on captions.

Sam Dizon

Storyteller and origami artist Sam Dizon shows multiple ways one can play with and fold paper.

Anne Koizumi

Create your own self or family portrait with animator and arts-educator Anne Koizumi.

PUFF Paddy

Transform coffee filters into art with queer Asian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist and arts educator, PUFF Paddy.

Sennah Yee

Author of My Day with Gong Gong (Annick Press), Sennah Yee shares a map making activity with her little sister and Early Child Educator, Quincy Yee.

WATCH: Short Films

A collection of shorts filled with wonder, love, and pure excitement that will surely resonate with audiences of all ages.

Bonus content!

Tony Kim of CBC Kids chats with our Wee Asian filmmakers about their films. Included with the Wee Asian Shorts Programme on the CineSend Reel Asian portal.

Tony Kim
CBC Kids Host

Tony Kim is an actor, voice actor and current host of CBC Kids and The Studio K Show. He has always had a passion for performing and entertaining and the bustling acting scenes in both Vancouver (where he was born and raised) and Toronto (where he currently based) has undoubtedly continued to stoke that fire! As a lover of film and the theatrical arts, he is not only thrilled that asian representation in media is increasing, but is proud that he is part of that equation and hopefully inspiring younger POC to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

12 Nov, 2020 10:00 am

to 19 Nov, 2020 11:59 pm

Check out the Wee Asian short films on the CineSend Reel Asian portal:



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