Revisit the 2003 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Take a look at the programme guide or scroll down to watch official selection titles that are currently available online.

Reel Asian Festival Program Guide 2003

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Who I Became

Director: Michael Siv & Aram Collier
USA, 2003 • 19min

How To Make Kimchi According To My Kun Umma

Director: Samuel Kiehoon Lee
Canada, 2002 • 18min

Trying To Be Some Kind Of Hero

Director: Lester Alfonso
Canada, 2001 • 37min

The Kuya Medley

Director: Romeo Candido
Canada, 2003 • 9min

Dapupu Project

Director: Wahyu Aditya
Indonesia, 2001 • 3min


Director: Farishad Latjuba
Indonesia, 2003 • 16min

A Very Slow Breakfast

Director: Edwin
Indonesia, 2002 • 6min

Everything’s OK

Director: Tintin Wulia
Indonesia, 2003 • 5min

Prix Fixe

Director: Nobu Adilman
Canada, 2003 • 8min

The Anniversary

Director: Ham Tran
USA, 2003 • 28min

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