Revisit the 2010 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Take a look at the programme guide or scroll down to watch official selection titles that are currently available online.

Reel Asian Festival Program Guide 2010

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Asians Don’t Sing The Blues

Director: Janice Lee, Kathryn Lennon , Kevin Shahbazi
Canada, 2010 • 10min28

Wind + Snow

Director: Leslie Supnet
Canada, 2010 • 4min45

Film Concerto in Hanging Major

Director: Meelad Moaphi
Canada, 2009 • 13min30

Window Horses (Karaoke Project)

Director: Ann Marie Fleming
Canada, 2009 • 5min20

Peggy Baker: Four Phrases

Director: Howie Shia
Canada, 2009 • 5min25

The Auction

Director: Gloria Ui Young Kim
Canada, 2010 • 17min2

Warm Winter

Director: Xin Li
Australia, 2009 • 3min10


Director: Jace Junggyu Kim
Canada, 2009 • 4min15

Junko’s Shamisen

Director: Sol Friedman
Canada, 2009 • 10min

Tea Master

Director: Aaron Au
Canada, 2009 • 10min22

How To Care For Introverts

Director: Leslie Supnet
Canada, 2010 • 1min48

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