Revisit the 2012 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Take a look at the programme guide or scroll down to watch official selection titles that are currently available online.

Reel Asian Festival Program Guide 2012

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Minoru: Memory of Exile

Director: Michael Fukushima
Canada, 1992 • 19min


Director: Howie Shia
Canada, 2006 • 7min

Jamie Lo, Small And Shy

Director: Lillian Chan
Canada, 2006 • 8min


Director: Quek Shio Chuan
Malaysia, 2011 • 14min

Obake (Ghosts)

Director: Christopher Makoto Yogi
USA, 2012 • 13min

108 Prayer Beads (108 Phreng Rdog)

Director: Han Han Li
Canada, 2012 • 8min20

That Which Once Was

Director: Kimi Takesue
USA, 2011 • 19min50

Real Talk

Director: Patrick Ng
USA, 2011 • 13min


Director: Alisi Telengut
Canada, 2012 • 6min

Little Miss Jihad

Director: Stephanie Law & Jessica Wu
Canada 2012 • 14min

Requiem for Romance

Director: Jonathan Ng
Canada, 2012 • 7min30

Gains + Losses

Director: Leslie Supnet
Canada, 2011 • 3min30


Director: Nobu Adilman
Canada, 2012 • 6min

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