Revisit the 2017 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Take a look at the programme guide or scroll down to watch official selection titles that are currently available online.

Reel Asian Festival Program Guide 2017

Watch available titles

Have A Safe Trip

Director: Henry Heng Lu
Canada, 2017 • 2min46


Director: Avid Liongoren
Philippines, 2016 • 4min24

Fox and the Whale

Director: Robin Joseph
Canada, 2016 • 12min3

Why Do Flowers Die?

Director: Annie Amaya
Canada, 2017 • 4min17

Kody Kapow: Lantern Kapow!

Director: Sam Chou
Canada, 2017 • 11min

The Bakebook

Director: Suri Parmar
Canada, 2016 • 9min50

Glorious Victory

Director: Will Kim
USA, 2017 • 2min5

Nests of Gold

Director: Alan Poon & Garry Tutte
Canada, 2017 • 18min


Director: Jingyi Shao
USA, 2016 • 17min51


Director: Mayumi Yoshida
Canada, 2017 • 10min


Director: Tae Jung Choi
USA, 2017 • 11min


Director: Ziwei Koh
Singapore, 2017 • 5min46

Guo Mie

Director: Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu
Taiwan, 2017 • 30min

Heaven of Children

Director: Amir Masoud Soheili
Indonesia, 2016 • 5min

The Lion

Director: Jon Chiang
Canada, 2017 • 8min16

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