Revisit the 2018 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Take a look at the programme guide or scroll down to watch official selection titles that are currently available online.

Reel Asian Festival Program Guide 1918

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Time Space and Lee

Director: Joshua Lang link to Instagram link to Facebook
Canada, 2018 • 11min


Director: Yuki Chen
Canada, 2018 • 6min

Water In The Cup

Director: Ikuo Kato
Japan, 2018 • 6min


Director: Daniela Pinto link to Instagram link to Twitter
Canada, 2018 • 11min

EAST: A Relationship

Director: Noor Khan
Canada, 2018 • 2min


Director: Nardeep Khurmi link to Instagram
USA, 2018 • 17min


Julien Becquer, Elana Dupressoir, Jules Durand, Vivian Guimaraes, Ines Scheiber
France, 2018 • 6min


Director: Nguyen-Anh Nguyen
Canada, 2018 • 18min

$30 To Antartica

Director: Joey Chu link to Instagram link to Facebook
Hong Kong, 2017 • 19min

Clique Bait

Director: Anna Mikami link to Instagram link to website
Hong Kong, 2017 • 15min

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