Codes of Contact Info Session


Reel Asian is excited to present the first public update on the Codes of Contact project with an information session on Friday, Oct 30. The initiative has been running since September 2020 and is an incubator for arts organizations engaged in the presentation of arts and cultural works.

As arts and cultural organizations deploy technologies and digital strategies, it is imperative to make those experiences accessible, inclusive and engaging. Through a collaboration-based approach, a network of arts organizations has been working together, learning from each other and supporting each other as they explore the impact of digital technologies on the presentation of artistic and cultural productions.

In this presentation, we will provide context on the incubator program and a high-level overview of the principles that will guide the work. Tickets are on sale now for $2.99 + 50¢ service fee = $3.49 but for a limited time, you can apply the TestFestFree discount code to get the session for free!


Nasma Ahmed • Director, Digital Justice Lab

Nasma Ahmed is a technologist based in the city we now know as Toronto. Nasma is currently the Director of the Digital Justice Lab, an initiative focused on building towards a more just and equitable digital future. In 2017 she was an Open Web Fellow with Mozilla and Ford Foundation, focusing on organizational digital security. She is passionate about community engagement, knowledge translation and speculating better futures.


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