Fall Festival Digital Tasting Tour

Inviting audiences to discover new Canadian or Indigenous cinema from seven Toronto film festivals


This fall, seven Toronto film festivals are joining forces to bring entertainment to Greater Toronto Area audiences in social isolation by offering a series of free digital screenings. Participating festivals have selected one Canadian film or Indigenous  program from their lineups to be offered to audiences free of charge.

Each participating festival has traditionally been focused on its own communities but we found ourselves reaching out to each other when COVID-19 changed the landscape of presentation for us all. Through our ongoing dialogue and collaboration, we all felt a sense of connection and that links our communities together and we realized that we could have a lot to offer each other’s audiences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us all that only together can we weather the storms. We believe that films have the healing powers that can bring communities together and diminish the issues that try to divide us.

We hope you enjoy this selection of free programming.

Reel Asian
November 12-19, 2020

Programming selection:

Wee Asian

Free programming dedicated to sparking joy, creativity, and fun for little ones and families to enjoy together. Engage in live & pre-recorded arts activities plus watch a shorts programme including:

Test Flight | Emma Momoko Frew | Canada, 2020 | 3 min
A bunny witch can’t seem to get her vegetable-themed broomstick to fly.

First Born | Justin Bruce Lee | USA, 2020 | 3 min
Arthur feels pressure to prove himself to his father at a martial arts competition.

Isle of Chair | Ivyy Chen | Taiwan/UK, 2020 | 6 min
What happens when a chair falls on a secluded island…

Beyond the Line | Jinuk Choi | South Korea/USA, 2020 | 3 min
A wheelchair races against other toys in the hospital hallway at night.

Felt Love | Angeline Vu, Arlene Bongco | USA, 2020 | 6 min
A touching story about the love between a mother and son.

Yuwol: The Boy Who Made The World Dance | 유월 | Beff | South Korea, 2020 | 25 min
Tap along with Yuwol as he inspires (or infects) others to dance.

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Inside Out logo

Programming selection:
Well Rounded
Shana Myara | Canada, 2020 | 61 min

A documentary for all the fat, queer, racialized women who so rarely see themselves represented in the media. Here, six female entertainers are given space to share their stories and celebrate their bodies.

Reelword logo

Programming selection:
Mind Games
Shorts programme including:

An Uninvited Guest | Richard B. Pierre | Canada | 4 min
A black man watches another black man killed by a police officer while eating dinner.

Grey | Jack Li | Canada | 21 min
In this dark psychological drama, an unnamed desk jockey arrives at work to find his boss missing.

D.N.A. | Alpha Nicky M | Canada | 17 min
Erin is a young woman seeking answers at a kind of wellness retreat, hidden in the depths of a forest.

To Kill A Secret | Jevon Boreland | Canada | 17 min
The lives of  four friends are forever changed when one of them resists a bachelor party.

Planet In Focus logo

Programming selection:
Family Day
Shorts program including:

WhateverTree | A dead tree goes viral, attracting wildlife, a nature lover, and a crowd of online followers.

Me, a Monster? | After living a peaceful life on his planet, lonely Nono must deal with the visit of a new being.

Passing the Seeds | Wampum belts – Quahog shell beads bound on strings –  are used as a guide to narrate Haudenosaunee history.

Instinct | In a dense and icy forest, Piotr, a young hunter, finds himself trapped in a bear trap.

The Butterfly Game | The surprising and complex universe of butterflies is revealed through the funny looks of children.

Song of the Salmon | This short film is a poetic exploration of the salmon nation and future generations of salmon.

Rendezvous With Madness logo

Programming selection:
Quarantine Blues: Recent Films by Workman Arts Members
Shorts programme including:

A Lasting Impact | Emily Sweet | Canada | 5 min
All This Time | Genova | Canada | 10 min
Blood Downer | Gerald Mackenzie | Canada | 10 min
Naomi Hendrickje Laufer’s Dormant | Brian Demoskoff | Canada | 3 min
Respect | Jaene Castrillon | Canada | 45 min
Quarantine Blues | Susan Lieberman, Gerald Mackenzie, Amy Ness, Omar Samara, Emily Sweet, Lucy Drumonde | Canada | 21 min

imagineNATIVE logo

Programming selection:
Monkey Beach
Loretta Todd | Canada, 2020 | 103 min

Determined to outrun her powers, Lisa Hill leaves her Haisla village of Kitamaat for the city and a life of partying—until her dead cousin’s plea sends her home. Lisa returns to her parents’ home where she is confronted by a long ignored but powerful connection to the supernatural world that surrounds her.

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Programming selection coming soon!

Please click to link to each festival’s offerings. Some festivals may have conditions that apply.

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