Tonbi honouring Japan at Lavazza IncluCity Film Festival!

Reel Asian with ICFF Canada co-presents Tonbi by Takahisa Zeze at Lavazza IncluCity Film Festival 2022. Tonbi tells the story of Yasuo, who grew up an orphan, knows the importance of family. Happily married to the love of his life, working a steady job and raising a son are Yasuo’s greatest accomplishments. However, when a tragic accident changes everything and leaves Yasuo with a devastated son and a life turned upside down he must rise to the occasion and provide a stable life for Akira, as he always promised he would.

Included in your festival ticket is an incredible sampling experience from various food and beverage sponsors of the ICFF stationed across the district! The Festival will also offer an abundance of activities for patrons from Neon Therapy to an all-new Art Exhibit – 6ix Art Outdoor.

Watch Tonbi Trailer below

July 13

9:30 PM

Outdoor Trinity Theatre

55 Mill St, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

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