Unsung Resung Screening and Reception

In 2020 and 2021, Reel Asian’s Unsung Voices program for first-time and emerging filmmakers was conducted and exhibited online. Two years of remote productions, eight emerging filmmakers from across Canada who only met online, these artists told stories inspired by the themes of interiority and proximity. Far from unseen but finally these Unsung Voices will be “re-sung” for the first time together with a live audience at this celebration of blooming creativity.

All filmmakers will be in attendance for the post screening Q&A session which will be followed by an outdoor reception with nostalgic Asian grocery store snacks from Haisue, bites from local Vietnamese restaurant Tâm, and a DJ set by Discography.

Now in its 11th year, Unsung Voices continues to provide young, emerging filmmakers the tools and experience to navigate making a short film of any genre within a safe, explorative space along with mentors from the industry who provide guidance on their journey. Such a program would not be possible without the support of the Reel Asian community. To those who are interested in being a part of Unsung Voice’s growth, Reel Asian will be accepting donations at the reception.

July 9 at 6PM
Innis Town Hall
2 Sussex Ave, Toronto

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This screening will be presented with a mix of open captions and no captions.

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Featured Short Films

일요일 Sunday

Kim Hayung | Canada | 2020 | 4 min | English, Korean with English Subtitles

Sunday is a semi-autobiographical animation based on the filmmaker’s childhood memories of growing up within her father’s church.

Kim Hayung
Interdisciplinary Artist

Born in Suncheon, South Korea, Kim Hayung is an interdisciplinary artist currently residing in Toronto.

How You See Me

Maryanna Chan | Canada | 2020 | 4 min 40 | English

Navigating her thoughts on white beauty standards, a girl seeks to understand her relationship to them, and express the damaging effects and harm that fetishizing Asian women causes. 

Maryanna Chan
Illustrator and Scenographer

Maryanna Chan (she/her) is a Chinese-Canadian Illustrator and Scenographer from Treaty 6 Territory (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan). Her work focuses on representation, cultural identities, equality, and liberation. 

Her work focuses on representation, cultural identities, equality, and liberation. She aims to highlight the stories of underrepresented and marginalized communities in her work. Maryanna wants her work to communicate the truth, and to encourage people to be more thoughtful, accepting, and open minded in every aspect of their lives.

Apprends-moi à Disparaître Teach Me How To Disappear

Angelina Guo | Canada | 2020 | 8 min | French with English Subtitles

Torn between her mental illness and her desire for long-standing love, a young woman named Maria tries to tame her self-destructive tendencies in an attempt to preserve her partner’s affection.

Angelina Guo
Poet and Translator

Angelina Guo is a Quebec-born poet, translator and literature student. She is interested in multilingualism, social justice and identity formation within the Chinese diaspora. Her most recent work, “For a New Language to Come” (DARE-DARE), was exhibited in Sainte-Cunégonde Park in 2022. In her spare time, she likes to read, take pictures and organize picnics with her friends.


Aidan Chan | Canada | 2020 | 6 min 30 | English

On a journey to a small island town, two city boys explore their shared love for fishing. Travelling alongside an ocean run of salmon, they find there is much more to discover about themselves. 

Aidan Chan

Born and raised in Vancouver, Aidan Chan aims to bring people closer to their surrounding nature through film, music, and other forms of art.

The Orchid and the Tree

A film still from The Orchid & The Tree depicting a South Asian father talking to his daughter.

Ganesh Thava | Canada | 2021 | 11 min | English

The echoes of grief linger decades after in a South Asian family that didn’t— couldn’t—get around to talking about it.

Ganesh Thava
Writer, Director and Actor

Ganesh Thava is a Tamil-Canadian writer, director and actor working in film and theatre. He uses his artistic voice to explore everyday moments like family feuds or love affairs and investigate them from underrepresented perspectives. His fascination with how humanity survives change and adversity is inspired by watching his immigrant father raise a family and run a business. He especially seeks to explore the intersectionalities within these lived experiences through the lenses of ethnicity, status and sexuality. Above all, as a creator, his goal is always to create rich, exciting, challenging spaces for diverse voices to express their most profound, most complex truths.


Film still from watering

James Legaspi | Canada | 2021 | 7 min | English

watering is a semi-autobiographical short film through which the filmmaker reflects on the passing of their childhood dog, and how it continues to inform their navigation of daily life.

James Legaspi
Multimedia Artist

James Legaspi is an emerging Filipino Canadian multimedia artist living and working in Brampton, Ontario.


Harman Kang | Canada | 2021 | 8 min | English, Punjabi w/ English Subtitles

Driving in a rural Albertan neighbourhood, a young woman is stopped by a middle-aged Punjabi woman standing on the side of the road; things take a turn for the uncanny, as the young woman is presented with a choice that will change the course of her life.

Harman Kang

Harman Kang’s passion for writing was spurred by a desire to entertain herself and her friends, and a lifelong attitude of “I can do that.” Currently based in Edmonton and working in the non-profit sector, Chakar is Kang’s debut short film.

Ahu's Journal

A film still of a collage sequence from Ahu’s Journal depicting art of two girls side by side drawn with black ink layered over grid paper.

Weeda Azim | Canada | 2021 | 7 min | English, Farsi with English Subtitles

Eager for an escape from family, Safiya moves out to a sublet of an acquaintance, Ahu. Her new place is peaceful, but she soon comes across a journal with entries that take her on a reflective journey—Ahu’s Journal.

Weeda Azim

Weeda Azim is an Afghan Canadian writer and filmmaker based in Toronto. Her ultimate goal is to embrace chaos and failure in her work, to create in order to understand herself, and to meet like-minded individuals along the way.

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Behind the Scenes

The Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival’s UNSUNG VOICES Video Production Workshop provides emerging Asian Canadian artists a chance to express themselves through film and media art, learn from professionals in the field, and to produce a distinctly Asian Canadian story for the screen.

Explore the photos that give insight on the creative journey that the 2020 and 2021 Unsung Voices cohorts experienced.

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