This year’s Reel Ideas Conference is named Here in The Future Past,” and wishes to ground in the present moment, looking backward and forward simultaneously through the abundant energy of the community in the now. Gathering industry professionals, filmmakers, performers, media artists, programmers, and curators, this conference reflects on how our present dialogue, work, and stories will form the foundations of memory, genealogy, and history for the future. 

(re)Rites of Passage - Editors' Table Talk

(re)Rites of Passage is a special anthology published as part of our 25th-anniversary celebrations, and a follow-up to Reel Asian: Asian Canada on Screen (published in 2007 for Reel Asian’s 10th anniversary).

11 NOV, 2021

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Animating Place into Character

Through the medium of animation, this panel explores the creative process and tools for geo-specific settings that serve as character in story—from something large and abstract like a “nation” to something detailed like a neighborhood or building structure.

13 NOV, 2021

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Telling “Asian” Stories

Racialized filmmakers often wrestle with the narrative limits of identity politics when wanting to celebrate and push for complexity and abundance. Join us in conversation with filmmakers working in different mediums for various platforms on how they negotiate their relationships with storytelling and identity politics within Canadian filmmaking.

14 NOV, 2021

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The Function of Festival in Crisis II

First programmed as part of last year’s festival, this panel continues to reckon with the function of art, festival, and gallery spaces in a time of crisis.

15 NOV, 2021

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Narrative in Other Mediums

This panel brings together creatives working in formats like video games, music videos, and commercials to discuss their experience and expertise with narrative construction and creative direction.

16 NOV, 2021

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CBC - For New Kids on The Block

This panel is specifically built for filmmakers working in children’s programming. Join this informative discussion with CBC to learn how to break into and develop a career in the field in a way that can create a better future for kids.

17 NOV, 2021

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Sustainable Storytelling Careers

This panel explores the current TV and film landscape in Canada, shown through the careers of racialized filmmakers who’ve broken down barriers and are cementing space for their work on streaming platforms and traditional formats.

18 NOV, 2021

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