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Unveiling the 2024 Fire Horse Award Recipient

Paul Wong

“In Paul Wong, the Fire Horse Award jury has chosen a one-of-a-kind artist whose work—which never shied away from exploring his queer, Asian and Canadian identities—has been recognized by his peers throughout his 50-year-plus career.” said Reel Asian’s Executive Director Deanna Wong. “Considering also his tireless community work, activism and advocacy, Wong is truly the embodiment of this award and we can’t wait to present him with it this May.”

This year’s recipient will be awarded $25,000 in cash, of which Golden Globe Award-winning Canadian film and television star Sandra Oh committed $50,000 over five years. This contribution matches a generous lead donation from donors Lap Chan and Ha-kyung Helen Song. More recently, Pan Asia Food Co., Ltd. pledged $25,000 over five years to the award. The company has been serving the Korean community in Canada for over 50 years. Ongoing contributions from the Reel Asian community will ensure the sustainability of the award for years to come.

The Fire Horse Award was introduced in 2021 to honour individuals who embody the spirit of originality, creative thinking, and visionary leadership. The award holds significant importance within the Asian Canadian film and media arts community and serves as a tribute to those who have made extraordinary contributions and left a lasting legacy.

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