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RA Film Forum Now Live!

26 Oct, 2020

Reel Asian’s community message board, the RA Film Forum, is now live on Discord, hosted by Hot Pot Community and ISO Radio. We are excited to offer this space where filmgoers can connect with one another and talk about the films they’re excited about seeing – or ones they’ve just seen. Think of it as the online equivalent of the movie theatre lobby!

RA Film Forum is on Discord
The RA Film Forum is hosted on Discord, the popular chat-and-messaging service that has grown from a favourite hangout for gamers to expand into all sorts of communities.

Joining is simple – just click below and you will be taken to our Discord server. Once you reach the welcome screen, read over the code of conduct in the welcome message and react to the message using the green checkmark icon.

You will then see categories and channels open up on the left-hand side of the page. Join one and say hello! Staff members are identified by their names being in yellow, so you can always tag one of us (type our names with an @-sign in front of it) to get our attention.

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