Revisit the 2006 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

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Reel Asian Festival Program Guide 2006

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Pioneers of X-Ray Technology: A Film About Grandpa

Director: Ann Marie Fleming
Canada, 1991 • 15min

Lead Role: Father

Director: PJ Raval
USA, 2004 • 15min


Director: Patrick Epino
USA, 2005 • 5min

Asthma Tech

Director: Jonathan Ng
Canada, 2006 • 7min

Untitled (For Abramovic Love Cocteau)

(screened at the festival under the title In Love)
Director: Patty Chang
USA, 2001 • 3min

The Art of Seduction: MOOD (My Obscure Object of Desire)

Director: Ann Marie Fleming
Canada, 2006 • 2min

Ice Ages

Director: Howie Shia
Canada, 2004 • 2min

Jamie Lo, Small and Shy

Director: Lillian Chan
Canada, 2006 • 8min

5X90: The Wake

Director: Samuel Kiehoon Lee
Canada, 2005 • 11min

Banana Bruises

Director: Joyce Wong
Canada, 2006 • 13min

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