Content Advisories & Peer Support Resources

The festival recognizes that certain programming may be triggering and have listed some films with content advisories as well as a list of peer support resources that you can access if you are feeling impacted.

Captioning for Screenings

The festival has made every effort to include open captions for in-theatre screenings but there are a few films/programmes that do not include captions and they have clearly been noted on their film/programme detail pages on our website. For digital screenings, some captions may be closed-captioned or may only include partial captions (e.g. wome films have subtitles only for non-English dialogue), but these too are clearly indicated on the website.

ASL Interpretation / Live Captioning at Intros and Q&As

The festival is offering ASL interpretation & live-captioning for the intro and Q&A at the in-person presentation of five keystone events.

ASL Interpretation / Live Captioning for the Reel Ideas Symposium

The festival is providing ASL interpreters on-screen and machine-generated live captioning for the Reel Ideas Symposium sessions happening online between November 14, 2022 and November 18, 2022. The machine-generated captions will be re-transcribed and edited in post for clarity.

Stepfree Seating + Wraparound Care at In-Theatre Presentations

All screening venues are accessible. We offer advance ticketing in stepfree sections of the theatre, and refundable companion seating tickets for people accompanying individuals with a disability. (Refunds need to be processed after the screening has taken place, but you can request a refund when you select an accessible ticket.) Spaces for wheelchairs are identified with the wheelchair symbol and all other available seats are identified as stepfree.

As part of our wraparound care service, we will ask you for details about your drop-off and pick-up transortation details so we can have a festival representative meet you at your drop-off location on the way in and escort you to your pick-up location on your way out. We will also ask you for your cellphone number in case we need to contact you if you haven’t shown up when we are expecting you – your seats will be held no matter when you show up, but we just want to have a way to check if you’re still on your way. Finally, you will be given an opportunity to let us know about any other accessibility accommodations we should know about to help serve you better.

Website Accessibility

The festival has made an effort to make our website compatible with screenreader technology, including providing image description tags for most images and intuitive page design. Our website features enlarged-type and high-contrast modes for those with low-vision or visual impairment.

For Further Contact

These initiatives are part of an evolving accessibility practice at Reel Asian as we strive to broaden access to d/Deaf and disability communities. We plan to increase accessibility practices to the festival year after year. You can reach our Accessibility Coordinator, Cara Eastcott, at accessibility@reelasian.com

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