Telefilm ‘Talent to Watch’ Program

Reel Asian’s Telefilm Talent to Watch application is now closed. Reel Asian will select an applicant that the festival will recommend to Telefilm’s Talent to Watch program. The required elements for the recommendation submission can be downloaded below. The complete guidelines, eligibility and the required elements for Telefilm’s Talent to Watch can be reviewed here.

Reel Asian’s recommendation submission period ends on February 4, 2020. To be eligible to apply:

  1. Key members of the project’s creative team must have previously shown at Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival:
    Producers aren’t required to be alumni or active members of the designated partner institute (but must still be emerging talent)
  2. Key members must be emerging talents:
    They must already have produced, directed and/or written at least one short film (i.e. 30 minutes or less) but must not have produced, directed or written a feature length film (i.e. 75 minutes or more)
    • As long as key members are emerging and have not already held the position to which they have applied for the program, they will be considered eligible (e.g. if a producer has produced a feature but is now directing)
  3. Projects must be in English
  4. Key members must be Canadian residents

Application is now closed.

Should you require assistance please contact programming@reelasian.com and include “Talent to Watch” in subject title.

Download our checklist mandatory elements for this application!

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