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Unsung Voices 10 presenting at The Cheongju International Short Film Festival

18 Aug, 2022

Toronto Reel Asian International Festival is excited to announce our Unsung Voices 10’s shorts will be presented at the 19th Cheongju International Short Film Festival! Taking place August 18 – 22, four incredible short films by Ganesh Thava, Harman Kang, James Legaspi, and Weeda Azim will be screened as part of Cheongju International Short Film Festival’ special programme on August 20th. Reel Asian’s very own shorts programmer Kelly Liu served on the jury for this year.

The Unsung Voices Summer Youth Video Production Workshop provides young Asian Canadians who have a keen interest in film and media art the chance to express themselves as artist, learn from professionals in the field, and to produce a distinctly Asian Canadian story on screen. In the 10th edition of Unsung Voices, our four filmmakers embarked on a summer-long filmmaking journey online. For more information on our Unsung Voices 10, click here.

Interested in being part of Unsung Voices in the future? Applications open up every Spring; click here for more information.

August 20 at 1:00PM KT

CGY Yullyang Theater No.4

Meet the Directors

Ganesh Thava

Ganesh Thava is a Tamil Canadian writer, director, and actor working in film, TV, and theatre. He takes mundane everyday stories like family feuds or love affairs and shows them through a BIPOC and LGBTQ+ lens.

Harman Kang

Harman Kang‘s passion for writing was spurred by a desire to entertain herself and her friends, and a lifelong attitude of “I can do that.” Currently based in Edmonton and working in the non-profit sector, Chakar is Kang’s debut short film.

James Legaspi

James Legaspi is an emerging Filipino Canadian multimedia artist living and working in Brampton, Ont.

Weeda Azim

Weeda Azim is an Afghan Canadian writer and filmmaker based in Toronto. Her ultimate goal is to embrace chaos and failure in her work, to create in order to understand herself, and to meet like-minded individuals along the way.

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